Who we are

A experienced team that loves to create

Rojan Digital Media is a privately held internet/ digital marketing agency in Kathmandu, Nepal. We make it possible to connect and socialize with your targeted audiences. Our team member can help you attain your digital goals.

If you know what you want, for your brand/business to achieve but , unsure of how to get there then we can provide complete solution in Web Design and Digital Marketing field. Our focus is on driving visitors, generating traffic and raising earnings in a flexible and transparent manner.

We have been delivering incomparable results in web design and digital marketing services in Nepal since 2018. Rojan Digital Media ( web design agency in Nepal ) will transform digital results to increase your business engagement, lead generation, and brand awareness. We build dynamic & responsive websites using WordPress and Laravel in Kathmandu,Nepal. Rojan Digital Media are also expert to develop business and e-commerce websites.

We also provide complete Digital Marketing solution in Nepal i.e  from organic (naturally) to non-organic (paying some charge). Our mission is to make you build your business digitally. We move your business or brand to next level. If you have start up business then we help you to build a brand. If you already have a brand then we help you to level up.

What we do

We keep it simple

Right Arrow on WhatsApp Strategy

This Digital Marketing agency in Nepal steer a path through the infinite possibilities of digital, making company challenges opportunities for growth.

Right Arrow on WhatsApp Creative

We make the intricate easy, translating strategy and insight into ideas that connect with and inspire people.

Right Arrow on WhatsApp Analysis & Optimization

Rojan Digital media - Web design and Digital Marketing agency measure performance against goals to act on penetration not instinct, and also provide constantly enhancing return on investment.

Why Choosing Rojan Digital Media ?

Client Satisfaction is our mission

Right Arrow on WhatsApp Keeps in Touch Regularly

All our work report and knowledge  is shared to client regularly. We don’t hesitate to talk our client and their queries. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. You can visit us for website design and digital marketing services after taking appointment. We are located at Kathmandu,Nepal.

Right Arrow on WhatsApp Trust Is Our Nick Name

We are trust worthy. We just don’t promise we work for it. You can have faith in us and believe in the reliability for your digital work.

Right Arrow on WhatsApp We just don’t promise, we commit

First we plan about your work & Schedule the timing .Finally we commit you your project completion. We focus on your work, we always generate more result but never ever under deliver than what we promised.


Right Arrow on WhatsApp We are there for you

Our Team make our-self available for our customers or potential client to help during office hours. No matter how busy we are, our priority is for you.

Right Arrow on WhatsApp Contract Paper & Payment

Once you sign our contract paper we are no more clients, we are family. By paying a certain advance you can hire us. After that we will start your work i.e SEO, social media marketing, web design and development. Lets set up for coffee meet at our office located at Kathmandu, Nepal.

Right Arrow on WhatsApp Satisfaction is our result

We will be looking for long term relationships. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important parts of our mission. We value your important time and money with best result.