Digital Marketing: Converting a Business into Brand

Yeah, Digital marketing the most reliable and cheapest marketing in this era. There is no doubt that Digital marketing is the most reliable as global internet uses increases every year.

Around a year ago, I came through a quote “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” by great entrepreneur warren buffet. After that, I searched on internet about doing business and its ideas.

I started a business and was unable to aware people about my business and services.

In addition, I spent huge capital to promote my business but still could not get the return from the investment &  almost lose my hope and was about to quite my business. Moreover, I went through the business ideas list of promoting business to get more marketing ideas.

There are lots of marketing idea to promote business and services but I find Digital marketing to be more interesting.


What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing

It is a type of marketing where we promote our product, services though digital medium or technology generally through internet.

We can also call it internet marketing. Promoting our business or product to respective audience at right time is main challenge.

Many people fail in their respective business/services as they find difficult to reach right audiences. Through this marketing we can find, target and get in touch with our right audience at right time.



  1. While marketing Digitally, there is communication of both service provider and its audiences. Instant communication between clients and customers.
  2. Return of Investment can be calculated as exact analysis of investment and no any rough figure and prediction like other marketing.
  3. Digital marketing cost is cheaper than other marketing strategy and is almost half while compared to traditional marketing


This is what happens in an internet in 60 Second

  • 8 Millions Search on Google
  • $694,444 spent online
  • 5 millions videos viewed
  • 188 millions emails sent
  • 1 million people logged in Facebook and 41.6 millions massage sent on FB messenger and whatsApp.
  • 87500 people tweets
  • 390,030 Apps Download


Rojan Digital Media Pvt. Ltd provides full internet marketing services all around the world and you can collaborate with us to build your business into brand.

Digital Marketing: Converting a Business into Brand

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