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condition of rojan digital mediaPrivacy policies:  Information which we collect from you

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Bank Account Number/E sewa Id for payment

The above information will be collected by filling forms in expect  bank account and payment method.



Cookies are the small text files that we use to make site ( to improve and work efficiently . It helps to improve the user’s experience and also provide usage information on sites. Our site – Rojan Digital Media track user access sessions using cookies. In addition, we do not use cookies that collect your personal data.

These are the cookies we use to enhance better user experience.

-> Functional Cookies

Functional cookies is compulsory for the operation of Rojan Digital Media.  Such type of cookies automatically remove after closing the browser.

-> Site Performance

To analyze how our website performs we use site performance cookies known as Google Analytics. In conclusion, It helps us to improve the problem our website is going through.

-> Third Party Cookies

In order to access the function of social media networks such as instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, third party cookies are used in website.

-> Marketing Performance

we are using such type of cookies in order to recognize when you have return to our site. As a result, this help us to find your preferred content, page and links that you have followed in Rojan Digital Media.

All yours privacy policies and information are safe and secure.