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Rojan Digital Media manage and maintain your business soical pages and accounts. Social media users would like to get participated, which means that they would like to see the relevant posts that are appealing to their interests. This social media marketing agency in Nepal teams knows this demand and works with you to produce your brand effective at connecting with your right audiences. What exactly makes your customers tick? Targeting the ideal audience is an essential, but often overlooked period of effective social media marketing. If you really don't know who your customers are, how can you accomplish them? The social media promotion company will  identify and target your most effective audience.

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With more than billion active users, you're certain to reach your target market through Facebook. Make use of the top interpersonal networking platform to cultivate your enterprise. This Social Media Marketing company in Nepal offer fresh account creation, posting services, paid advertising & inspection creation options that will help spread awareness and drive engagement. Rojan Digital Media guarantee that whatever business you run and in whatever industry or niche, a good proportion of your target audience is going to be on Facebook. We offer both Facebook advertisement and Facebook Boosting services. Facebook Boosting is cost a bit low as compared to Facebook Ads. Facebook advertising enables one to isolate people who have special tasks, skills, relationships, age, sex, interests, hobbies, locations and a whole lot more.


YouTube is completely videos sharing platforms, where we can share our business promotion videos. YouTube allows users to upload, share, comment, report & subscribe the videos. Since November 2006 Google owns YouTube and we can say it another search engine. Rojan Digital Media provides YouTube advertisement service in Nepal. 1,300,000,000 users in world uses YouTube and People watches 5 billion videos on YouTube in single day. In context of Nepal, After Facebook, YouTube is the second most popular social media. Promote your business in youtube and level up your business.

FACTS: After watching a videos 69% of people are more likely to purchase for your service online. Youtube Ads only charges money when your  audiences watch your video ad.

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Instagram is growing social media & yours targeted audience are using Instagram. Instagram ads is good platform for social media marketing in Nepal as its users is increasing day by day. Yes, Instagram advertisement will be one of the best option for social media promotion in Nepal.


Twitter allows you to Promoted Tweet campaigns. You can share your latest news to get in touch with costumers and enable you to find new customers. Our social media managers is experts in promotion of tweets. Social media promotion via tweets might not impact as other platform but Rojan Digital Media guarantee you to uplift your business.


This social media networks has various targeting options for advertisement like  job title, affiliated group, location, education, industry and many more.The majority people see LinkedIn to stay updated news linked for their own field of attention, that makes a exceptional prospect for advertisers to market their providers to world beginners or professionals.


You need stunning videos for your social media engagement. This social media marketing company in Nepal create videos to keep your customers engaged. For business promotion videos creation enroll with Rojan digital media.


No doubt Content is King. Yours social media platforms should be unique, & engaging. We produce great caption for your social media post. Our dedicated content writers produce high quality content and passes to social media managers for verification & posting.


Graphics are important for both social media optimization and social media marketing. With good graphics you can engage your audiences and its first impression on social media platforms. Rojan digital media graphics designers make good graphics.

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